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Hitachi Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hitachi Hard Drive Data Recovery – Clicking Repair

The most common Hitachi drive models we received within the last year: HTS725050A7E630-Z7K500 HTS725032A7E630-Z7K500 HDT721010SLA360-Z7K1000 HTS725032A9A360-Z7K500 HTS723232A7A364-Z7K320 HTS725050A9A364-Z7K500 Almost every Hitachi hard drive we received for recovery was clicking. Fortunately, the majority of these hard drives did not sustain any platter damage, the platters simply do not seem to be affected by the read/write head […]

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Slave A Laptop Hard Drive To USB

This article and video will show you how to use a USB enclosure to slave a laptop hard drive. Many times laptop – notebook hard disk drives come in here that we are able to recover with data recovery software. This video will help you use a USB enclosure to get data off of a […]

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Samsung Spinpoint Being Mass Produced

Last week Samsung announced that it will be mass producing their high capacity laptop hard drives. Their Spinpoint series has either high capacity or high speed, whichever is more important to the individual consumer. Some day soon they will have the best of both worlds by introducing a high capacity laptop hard drive that has […]

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