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Data Recovery Software: Recover It All Professional For Windows

recover_it_allRecover It All has always been DTIData’s main piece of data recovery software. It has been around a long time with updates coming in order to account to changes in the Windows file system. I thought I would give our customers an update on how the software works and the features currently in this powerful data recovery software.

First of all unlike other pieces of data recovery software, it works with all current Windows file systems. This means you can recover data from Fat 16, Fat 32, and NTFS with one piece of software. You do not need to purchase 2 different pieces of software to recover these files systems.

The reason this is important is that thumb drives, external hard drives (Mybook), camera cards, Micro SD cards are all being sold formatted FAT 32. The reason for choosing that file system, over other systems, is on the smaller portable flash media, FAT 32 takes up much less space then NTFS on the physical media. As far as the externals the reason for that is because they advertise that the drive will work with multi platforms i.e. Apple,Linux,Windows and FAT32 is the only thing they can ALL read.

So with all that information RIA is a good idea because lets say you are trying to do a recovery on your internal boot drive (your C drive) which is going to be NTFS and you are unsuccessful there, but then you remember that you had put the data on a thumb drive but deleted it. With RIA you would be able to try data recovery on all your media without having to buy multiple pieces of software, or having to install multi pieces of software.

Now that I have mentioned “installing”, lets go ahead and look at that. Recover It All does not have an installer, it runs directly from the exe file provided. This is by design, in the world of data recovery software we feel that it is important not to install the software because you could accidentally overwrite the data. With our software just being a simple zip file running independent of installed DLL’s and registry entries you can just copy the file to a thumb drive from our website and then run it from the thumb drive. Also, because we do not install we make the perfect option to from a Windows PE/ BART PE boot cd. For those that don’t know, some times removing the drive and slaving it is not an option, BART PE will create a boot cd that will allow you to boot into a windows type shell and run software. The nature of RIA makes it so you don’t have to go through all the problems of trying to configure the BART load to properly run the software’s DLL’s. I have a BART PE tutorial here.

There is one extra step you will need to take if you are running Recovery It All on Windows Vista/Windows 7. That good ol’ right click on the exe file and Run As Administrator. With out that step the drives will not physically display in the software. The reason for this is that we make a low level call to the hard disk requesting the drive info. With the newer security features of Windows it will block that call if you do not let Windows know ahead of time it is ok for the software to do this. I have noticed this seems to be something that even INSTALLED data recovery software is still having to do.


This is what you will see if you do not right click.


Make sure you right click and select Run as Administrator


After that you should see what you are looking for and be able to work toward getting your data back.

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You can also download a demo, or buy the software now:

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If you Need Help With An External Drive, Watch The Video Below


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