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Hard drive repair St Petersburg, FL

Hard drive repair near me in St Petersburg, FL.

DTI DATA Recovery headquarters is located right here in St. Pete, FL. We operate an ISO class 100 clean-room on premise. It may come as a surprise while searching for a hard drive repair, data recovery, or hard drive recovery service, that most of the companies that appear in our local search results are not located in St. Pete or even Florida.

Our lab is located on 6643 1st Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL

We have been performing hard drive recovery since 1999. We have developed our own data recovery software, and a proprietary tool for hard drive repair including Base Replace. The video below is a “how to perform a Seagate platter swap – spindle motor stuck.” We also use 3rd party tools including the PC 3000 from and the DeepSpar DDI 4

Many of the hard drives we recover are external hard drives.

External hard drive repair does have some unique challenges to overcome. The USB connection is now often part of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). If the hard drive read/write heads have been damaged we want to be able to control how and where the hard drive reads after a clean room head replacement has been performed. We cannot do that through the USB bridge, we need direct SATA command control. This has become a sticking point in modern external hard drives. External hard drives are now Self-Encrypting hard drives (SED). Bypassing the USB bridge by using a compatible SATA PCB forces us to hack encryption to the System Area (SA) to build a head map, change read modes, disable cache, and many other key elements way may need to address to image data after a catastrophic event.

Examples of this type of technology are Western Digital My Passport, WD Easy Store, WD Elements, and Seagate. It is important, if your data is valuable to make sure you are working with a professional hard drive or external hard drive repair and recovery company.

DTI DATA Recovery Clean Room St Petersburg, FL Data Recovery

External hard drive recovery near me in St Petersburg, FL

You many find several companies in Google local search . Why is DTI DATA Recovery the only hard drive repair or data recovery company near me? In reality, there are probably 30 hard drive repair or data recovery companies in the U.S., and the number is starting to drop as cloud backups are so ubiquitous. The reason you may find several companies in Google maps, Yelp, Thumb Tack etc. is because of virtual offices. Many hard drive repair services maintain hundreds of virtual drop off locations to get found in search engines in every local search. The cost of maintaining those offices are also reflected in the price you will be charge to recover data after they repair your hard drive.

The practice of maintaining virtual offices may seem deceptive but as Google displays map information as one of it’s highest results, it has become common practice. Companies that specialize in hard drive and other storage device data recovery need to acquire multiple cases per day to maintain their business. The cost of maintaining a clean-room, specialized tools, parts, security of client data, and technical staff add up quickly. So, the proposition of finding a company that’s sole focus is hard drive repair or data recovery in your current location is not likely. It is very likely that you will find a virtual office or a computer repair shop or franchise that does limited ( file system recovery, using data recovery software) hard drive repair or is partnered with a hard drive repair service located elsewhere. Hard Drive Repair

If you live in St Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, Sarasota, Bradenton, even Orlando, chances are we are the closest data recovery company to you. Walk-in data recovery cases are welcome.


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