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How To Know Your Hard Drive Failed

We have talked about this before, but failing hard drives never go away. Though “prevention is the best medicine” has been an adage that goes back centuries, it can still be ignored even in the digital age. DTI Data Recovery has been in the forefront of educating users on how to save their on everything from […]

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External USB Hard Drive Recovery

USB drives have been around for several years now and because of that fact data, has been compiled that reflects the type of files a USB drive will store. In addition, I apply my experience, to the types of damage that a USB enclosure will sustain. The following is a method for not only helping […]

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Hard Drive Recovery From Scored Platters

Hard drive recovery from scored platters used to spell death for recovering data. DTI Data Recovery has special techniques to recover damaged hard drives, specifically from scored platters. A hard drive can get scored platters when the heads impact the platters. This happens when a hard drive is dropped, stops suddenly due to power failures […]

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