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Data Recovery Help

Data Recovery Help – You Need to Format the Disk

A common hard drive fault that I think most of us have run in to at what time or another is : “You Need to Format the Disk in Drive:”.

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Recovery It All Professional and Windows 7 File System

 So what exactly does Recover It All work on? It works with Fat 16, Fat 32, NTFS 4 and NTFS 5. In normal not geek speak that means it will work on any file system from Windows 95 thru Windows 7. It will only actually RUN in Windows 2k and higher. Recover It All is […]

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How to Replace a Partition on a Single Partition Drive

We have a Free Partition Repair Tool that I get a lot of calls about. The problem most people have when using it is trying to figure out what goes into each of the fields. When a hard drive has a missing partition it is hard to know what is supposed to go in to […]

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