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Fujitsu 500 GB Hard Drive Review

Ok here is another review of a new Fujitsu hard drive from my personal fave in hard drive manufacturers. This is really kind of awesome, a 2.5” half terabyte drive. I don’t know how you can go wrong with that. It only uses minimal power, 1.8W for read write, because of the Fujitsu’s Green Policy Innovation Program. It is a SATA 3.0/Gbs which makes it great for data transfer and storage. It runs at 4200 rpm which is a bonus in my book, those super high speed drives seem to fail all the time.

Now, whether that is because it is just too fast or because of the heat that it generates I am unsure but I know the fail rate is much higher on those 9k rpm drives. They are listing the seek time at around 13 milliseconds. I think these drives would be perfect for using in an external USB chassis since it is likely they are not going to run to hot. I should probably note that this is also the largest laptop drive out there now. I know that this will please all of you power laptop users. My husband is always out of disk space on his Dell, and I think this will make a great Father’s Day gift! Because the drive was only released on February 25th there are no real reviews out there and we haven’t gotten any in for hard drive recovery, so if anyone has one of these big boys let me know what you think.


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