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Hard Drive Recovery Freeware Software

DTI Data is one of the few data recovery companies that not only operate a clean room, is a certified partner of the only hard drive manufacturer that lists authorized data recovery companies and creates and supports their own hard drive recovery software! We make all of our products, both hard drive recovery software AND Freeware data recovery tools right in our own labs.

I am pointing all this out because when I searched Google for hard drive recovery, I found over 800,000 results and started looking at the companies listed as well as those buying ads. The fact is out of all those results and the 30 ads, only about 20 of them are real data recovery companies, and only 8 are listed on Western Digital’s data recovery partner page.

So why is this a big deal? It doesn’t matter much when looking at data recovery software since all of them, like ours, have demos. Our software will show you that it will recover the data before you buy it. Physical hard drive recovery is a completely different ballgame. If your hard drive is no longer recognized by the BIOS or is making noises like clicking or whining or scraping, then you need hard drive repair services to get your data back. That is why it is important to know who you are sending your drive to.

Freeware Data Recovery Hard Drive Software

DTI also has FREE data recovery software that we fully support. Our free software for hard drive recovery can undelete files, diagnose RAID Parity problems and repair NTFS partitions. You can see all of our FREE data recovery software here. You can also learn more about Freeware data recovery here.

There are some problems that need a powerful hard drive recovery tool. While our FREE NTFS Partition Repair tool can sort out a lot of issues, it can’t resolve problems that involve bad sectors on a damaged hard drive. We do have a solution for recovering data from bad sectors called Recover It All. Not only can it work around bad sectors on NTFS partitions, it will also fully recover FAT 32 partitions! We have gotten a lot of questions about why recovering FAT 32 is so important even though Microsoft doesn’t use it for their operating systems anymore. The answer is just about ALL external hard drives use FAT 32 as their file system because it can be seen by Windows, MAC and Linux. While we do have FREE FAT 32 Undelete tools, they won’t work on damaged FAT 32 Partitions. You need a powerful scanning engine for that and Recover It All has one of the best.

You can get the demo version of Recover It All Here or Buy Recover It All Now. The button below will take you to a secure site to purchase the software. You will receive the full version within seconds. Recover It All is on sale for $49.99, a savings of $50!
Buy Recover It All Now

The bottom line is that if your hard drive is not recognized in the BIOS, is making noise or is not spinning up, you will need hard drive recovery. If the hard drive is seen by the BIOS, but not by Windows or Windows is asking you to format the hard drive, you need data recovery software. Feel free to ask any question about hard drive recovery in the comments below.


4 Responses to “Hard Drive Recovery Freeware Software”

  1. DTI Data Recovery November 30, 2008 4:49 pm #


    That first partition is a Dell function. It is possible to clone your hard drive then use a partition re-sizer to allocate the left over 340 GB. I will forward this to a tech and it will get answered on Monday.

  2. David Hart November 30, 2008 3:27 pm #

    I have been searching the web the last few days looking for a program that will copy a Dell E310 hard drive from the original 160GB drive to a new 500GB drive. This drive has a little FAT partition along with the main partition and the recovery partition. I have worked on many different computers before and have never seen this little FAT partition that doesn’t even have a partition drive letter. Anyway can you tell me what I have to do (or use) to accomplish this task?

    David Hart

  3. Seelan Thaver December 13, 2008 12:44 am #

    Due to a reboot of my system from disk I have lost all my important files, pictures
    and emails basically everything that my work and life depend on.
    I searched for days now trying to find help to recover the files from harddisk without success. I cannot afford to pay as i am out of work now.


  4. rodger sims December 29, 2008 2:34 am #

    my 80 g WD hard drive does not work.
    there is no op sys on it, just data,info.
    i need all the info on the drive , mostly, docs, spreadsheets and pics.


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