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Hard Drive Recovery Prices

One of the most asked questions is “how much does hard drive recovery cost”? It totally depends on the situation. To understand hard drive recovery prices, you have to understand the different types of services. When you have a problem with your hard drive, it could be anything from a damaged mechanical part of the disk, to a problem with the operating system. In the data recovery industry, a physical problem with the hard drive is called physical recovery. If the hard drive is working fine, but your computer has problems anyway, that is a logical recovery.

The first place to start figuring out if your hard drive has a physical problem is in the BIOS. When you boot the computer it shows you the storage devices in order of where they are in the boot chain, as well as if they are master or slave devices. If you have multiple hard drives inside your computer, they will be either set up as master slave or as a RAID. It is important for you to know which drive is doing what for you to understand what you are seeing in the BIOS. If your computer starts up and it shows you your hard drive (s) then your problem is more than likely a logical problem. If your hard drive is not recognized by the BIOS, you will need hard drive recovery services. Call 727-345-9665 for immediate information about hard drive recovery prices. DTI Data offers free quotes on hard drive recovery, and only charges you if we recover your data.

Logical Hard Drive Recovery Prices

If your hard drive is recognized by the BIOS and boots into Windows, but is not working properly you have a logical problem. A lot depends on if you have one or two hard drives in your system, so we will proceed with what you should do if you have a one drive system that boots, but never loads Windows. Before I go on, there is always the possibility that Windows won’t load and you have physical damage to your hard drive. Newer computers can hold a lot of memory in their cache and can get you to the Windows screen, when in fact they are not able to access your hard drive properly. If that is your issue, visit the How To Slave A Hard Drive article which will show you how to remove your hard drive and load it into another computer, or into your existing machine that you have put a new hard drive into. this is the first step in hard drive recovery that doesn’t involve a deleted file. If all that happened is you accidentally deleted a file, then you can use an undelete utility to recover your data.

If your hard drive is making noises like clicking or grinding, but is still accessible you have very little time to copy off your critical files while you still can. there is a link in the paragraph above that will show you how to slave a hard drive, you can use that method to copy off your data to a good hard drive.

We offer remote hard drive recovery which allows our techs to log into your computer and solve your problems. Either way, whether you send the disk in, or we recover it remotely, DTI can handle you hard drive recovery needs.


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  1. Mike November 10, 2008 9:35 pm #

    My computer doesn not turn on. I have removed the HD from the Presario 3000 laptop and I need to recover the information on it. I would love to buy a cable that will allow me to plug into and power the hard drive externally so I can transfer the data to my new computer… Or of course I can pay and arm and a leg to a shop somewhere to do it for me.

    Any suggestions? Links…?


  2. Filimonov Fasiliy January 9, 2009 6:11 am #

    I feend Hard disc drive for laptop Fujitsu FMV-BIBLO NB9/95l capacity 30Gb ATA, can your help me,send please information on my E-mail .Thanks.

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