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Solid State Storage Data Recovery

DTI Data Recovery provides data recovery services as well as software for all types of solid state storage devices. Intel has recently released a new solid state storage device that by December will have a capacity of 8GB! The Intel Z-U130 uses NAND technology. Flash media data recovery is mostly done with data recovery software.

NAND Storage Explained

 NAND Flash architecture is one of two flash technologies used in memory cards like the type in MP3 players, USB pocket drives and the most common application: digital picture storage. NAND is particulalry useful for high capacity data storage in small devices.

NAND flash devices offer faster erase, write, and read capabilities over NOR architecture.

NOR Storage Explained

NOR flash is the preferred technology for flash devices used to store and run code, usually in small capacities. NOR flash devices have fast read capabilities, but they have slow write and erase functions compared to the NAND architecture. NOR technology is more commonly found as embedded designs and in lower-end set-top boxes and mobile handsets, or BIOS chips.

NOR flash architecture was introduced by Intel in 1988.
NAND flash architecture was introduced by Toshiba in 1989.

Unlike hard disk drives, solid state storage devices have no moving parts. The majority of data recovery that happens on flash media whether it is a SmartCard, SanDisk or some other type of digital media is done on a software level. Most flash media storage devices emulate a hard disk’s way of dealing with file systems. Cameras or MP3 players have an embedded operating system that needs to access the storage device the same way your computers operating system accesses a hard drive. Unless the media was damaged physically, the problems lie within the file system and can be recovered with DTI’s file recovery programs.

SATAFIRM 11 and SATABURN 11 are examples of PNY and Kingston SSD model number changing due to firmware and system area corruption. Manufacturer tools will rewrite the firmware and all user data will be lost. We are able to help users recover data from these scenarios.



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