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What You May Not Know About Spyware and Malware

Spyware and Malware protection and removal and what you MAY not know!

I have had the luxury of being in some sort of IT Industry in one way or another for the last 17 years of my life. I have worked in fields from standard PSTN Telecom, to basic PC building and repair, to Corporate Network Design and Infrastructure Integration, down to Web Design and Programming. I would say that over the years I have seen MANY drastic transitions in technology, some greater than others. I watched as I saw a standard telephone line connected to one personal computer at a time sending messages and files through a BBS (Bulletin Board System), develop into the large scale high speed data network we use now known as the Internet. One thing that has ALWAYS held true in the communications and data networking industry is that there is always someone out there trying to make a quick scamming buck or to take down systems of the masses by playing on the end users lack of knowledge on how to protect and secure their computers. Since the early days of BBSing, I remember even in the late 80’s and early 90’s, there were Trojan viruses and infections that were in place for NO other reason but to annoy and destroy file systems. Anyone who remembers Wildcat and Oblivion BBS’s and was ever struck by the Michelangelo or Jerusalem viruses knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Since the inception or communications, there has always been the need to secure and prevent hackers, warez freaks, and script kiddies from getting into your computers. The only thing I have seen change over the years, is that it is no longer just a 12 year old kid slurping down mellow yellow until 4 am that is hacking your system and corrupting your files, or even worse, stealing your personal information. Now it has become a multibillion dollar BIG BUSINESS for companies which I won’t mention in this article to install Spyware, Malware, and Scamware onto your system so they can collect information about your personal life, your personal preferences, your web surfing habits, and even your credit card and social security number so they can store your information into a database and sell your information off to the highest bidder.

Now please understand, I am not a conspiracy theory type of guy, and I don’t think that big brother is trying to get me, but I am a realist and I know for a FACT that EVERYONE that is reading this article has at some point in time in one way, shape, or form has had a virus, a Trojan, some Spyware, or Malware on their system. So that is not a conspiracy, it is the plain and cold hard truth. We as a community of Internet surfers and knowledge seekers have to be able to protect ourselves and our family’s against the unwanted bots, programs, and software that is being installed onto our systems and is invading our privacy without knowledge. So my next few articles are going to explain a few ways on how to spot the malicious software and viruses on your system, and a few of the best tools to protect and guarantee your computers and family’s safety from these devious applications.

So check back later this week for my next installment of, “Spyware and Malware protection and removal and what you MAY not know!”, which will explain how to understand, locate, and eliminate spyware, malware, and viruses.


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